Hi there! I am Dwi Nugroho 👋

Dwi Nugroho

Passionate frontend engineer crafting awesome digital experiences.

Started my professional journey in 2019, exploring technologies like Webpack and ViteJs, dancing gracefully with frontend frameworks such as ReactJs, VueJs, GatsbyJs for web development. and React Native for mobile applications development.

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Crafted my first web masterpiece at 15 using the classic tool, Blogger. By 17, I was saying "hello world" with C++, setting the stage for my ongoing love affair with programming and computer science. My passion lies in creating unparalleled user experiences, and that's why I thrive as a frontend engineer.


Beyond the lines of code, I find joy in the rhythm of music, particularly the thunderous beats of rock and metal. Bands like ONE OK ROCK, Queen, Dream Theater, Sleeping with Sirens, and Bring Me The Horizon resonate with me. Drumming is my solace; I've been self-taught since the age of 13, and to this day, I find serenity in the rhythm of the drums.


  • Frontend Development (ReactJs, VueJs, GatsbyJs, Vite, Webpack, Javascript, Typescript, SASS, SCSS, CSS, HTML)
  • Mobile App Development (React Native)
  • Backend Development (NodeJs, ExpressJs, PHP, CodeIgniter, SQL)

Let's build something extraordinary together!